Silk Road of Erdogan. From DAESH with Love

 erdogan.                    Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan declared, one of the attackers in the Brussels suicide bombings was reported last year from Turkey, and Belgium subsequently ignored a warning that the man was a militant. Erdogan confess officially the terrorist was detained in the southern Turkish province of Gaziantep near the Syrian border and was later deported to the Netherlands. Erdogan makes excuses now and declared noninvolvement to Belgium events. Head of Turkish republic complains, despite of warnings that this person was a foreign terrorist fighter, Belgium couldn’t establish any links with terrorism and set free him.
In other words, in fact president Erdogan told the truth, that Turkish side had detained the militant and established links with terrorist organizations, without any actions, departed him self-confidently in Europe. By the way, no doubts if a Kurd (Kurdish guerilla)   was his place, they had already shot him down. That is the way that Turkish military forces active use in Dyarbakir region and in areas at the north of Syria. Of course, it’s a wrong policy to achieve peaceful de-escalation of the Middle East crisis.
The head of the Turkish republic fault now Belgium and Brussels police department and national security forces, which couldn’t establish the suicide-bombers and prevent the terrorist attack, although Ankara had reported about militant to the Belgium embassy and notified Dutch authorities. By the way, there are no doubts, it’s rather easy to blame small European country, but it’s difficult to count and declare data of huge number of militants and radicalized Muslims, who had been put across by Ankara to the European countries. Paris and Brussels is the beginning of consequences of migration flows of guerillas, it’s the beginning of functioning of « Silk Road of Erdogan » from ISIS to Europe.197877.640xp

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