West no longer support “evil genius” Erdogan


The worst thing for Turkey was the coming to power of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2002, when a fluke election outcome gave him total control of the government, which he parlayed into a personal dominion. After years of restraint and modesty, his real personality — grandiloquent, Islamist and aggressive — came out. Now he seeks to rule as a despot, an ambition that causes his country incessant problems. To tell the truth, modern Turkey has never been so distant from the core values enshrined by the European civilization and its institutions.

The core problem is that Erdogan is supporting ISIS… That support has taken many forms: permitting foreigners to cross Turkey to reach Syria, allowing recruitment in Turkey, providing medical care and provisioning money and arms. Despite this, Islamic State, fearful of betrayal by Ankara, threatens and attacks Turks. On the contrary this provide the Turkish leader with a handy mechanism to blackmail the EU: pay me huge amounts of money and permit 80 million Turks to travel visa-free to your countries or I will dump more unwelcome Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Somalis and others on you.

That’s why Europe and the USA are no longer interested in playing these games with Ankara. Sooner or later European leaders have realized that Erdogan is not the person to deal with. His ambitions may lead to the crash of the whole European society. The latest thing is that even Barack Obama, who cries about Erdogan as one of the most valuable partners in the fight with terrorism, turns down one-on-one meeting with him during upcoming visit to the United States. Of cause Obama administration said that the President had no time for the meeting, but the real reason was that America had discerned the evil nature of the Turkish leader.

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