Erdogan-Daesh Oil Trade : Is Turkey Funding Terrorism?


Let’s make it clear: Daesh’s main funding comes from two sources: donations from wealthy Gulf “investors” and its illegal oil trade. According to Adam Szubin, acting under secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence with the U.S. Treasury, Daesh warriors have earned as much as $500 million from selling their oil. Daesh’s black market trade has been a considerable force in pushing down crude oil prices which fell to $35 a barrel.

So where does Daesh having no access to global oil market sell its oil? They sell it to Syrian north neighbor, Turkey. Meanwhile, the Turkish government ain’t getting tired of proclaiming they cannot control its southern border which is considered to be a bridge between Daesh and its Turkish oil purchaser.

It is absolutely evident that Erdogan can control Turkey’s borders when it is in his interest. He has already taken over $3B from the European Union with the promise that Turkish military will better control borders to prevent illegal traffic of oil and stop the flow of illegal migrants. Apparently, border control is not in the interests of the Turkish government and Daesh will continue to receive money from Ankara for killing civilians.

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