Turkey is in trouble


    Erdogan’s dream to revive Turkey’s ‘lost status’ as the most powerful Muslim country cannot be materialized, he and his advisers seem to believe, without first fundamentally altering Turkey’s own political system and this alteration is, he believes, incomplete without making him powerful.

    More and more western media sources now openly call Turkish President Erdogan a ruthless tyrant with a dangerous hobby of eradicating any form of opposition or freethinking; however, his strive for unilateral control over the country could end up entrapping him, given the recent challenges in the Middle East.

    All over the world more and more people consider Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s behavior “rings more and more alarm bells.”

    In its recent analysis of the latest political developments in Turkey, he is a ruthless dictator with a dangerous hobby of eradication of any form of opposition and freethinking in the country.

    Erdogan is harsh and cruel with everyone, without any exceptions; he gives no piece to anyone in his country, fearing threats even in his own home palace. Anyone criticizing Erdogan or exposing regime wrongdoing risks arrest, prosecution and imprisonment on charges ranging from insulting the president to espionage, treason or terrorism. Journalists, academics, public figures, human rights activists, even young children are vulnerable.

    His 14 years of dominance in Turkey have taken Erdogan down a long road, and he has ended up a ruthless dictator, harshly dispersing protesters and demonstrators, blocking undesirable mass media sources, restricting various freedoms and bargaining over refugees to suit his personal interests, it states. Something is to be done. The world should wake up unless it is too late.


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