Erdogan’s dream to wipe the Kurds off the face of the Earth


         Not long ago we witnessed another Erdogan’s outburst of natural indignation with the Kurds. This time it was European Parliament that fell under his attacks since the PYD flags had been hung on doors and walls in Europarliament. The PYD is known far and wide for its fight against Daesh.
        The Turkish leader’s Kurdophobia is so strong as to annihilate the nation all together. The army mops up and the police butcher Kurd residents in Turkey. However, the ones to be hit the hardest are primarily women, children, advanced in age and physically challenged people.
        Besides, the Turkish artillery keaeps on shelling Kurdish-controlled areas despite the fact the militants backed by the coalition advance currently against Daesh. President R.T.Erdogan is going to demand the NATO member-states put an end to their support of Kurdish forces in Northern Syria at the July 8-9 summit. The impudence like this is totally unlikely to be awarded by any sort of practical realization by NATO, but it still suggests a more than logic idea to think over: trying to satisfy his caveman nationalism Erdogan is siding with the terrorists to only have his opponents weakened.
       Taking into account that insane fanatics are absolutely unpredictable, Turkish weapon supplies to Daesh don’t sound like a half-baked idea, do they?


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