Profits or counter-terrorism?


A mighty difficult year has fallen to Turkey’s lot in every respect possible: first one partner gave Erdogan a cold shoulder, then he was repeatedly given armchair promises, finally he found himself on the verge of diplomatic relations breaking-off amid continuous in-country terror attacks. Turkish president made it out just in time what a tight corner he was in and has got down to have his foreign policy restored before a point of no return had been passed. However it’s still an open question whether Erdogan’s wisdom applies to his ties with terrorist groups.

The policy Erdogan sticks to perplexes and bewilders. Turkish strikes on Kurdish forces leave ISIS intact and well fit for combat, the terrorists then for their part attack the Turkish population. The president’s point more than contradicts the international players’ actions in the region; it does bring them to nothing. Erdogan might not be interested in what both the US-led coalition and Russian aircraft are doing in the war-torn republic, but he can’t help realizing he sacrifices his own nation at the altar by making business with the terrorists. How many more dozens of innocent Turks have to pass away before Erdogan gives up his lip service and starts fighting ISIS? Money is believed to have no smell. Erdogan’s money gained from deals with ISIS does not really smell. It is just soaked with Turkish blood.

Istanbul explosion puts a question point-blank – will Erdogan keep on setting his profits above all or will he finally start defending Turkey from terrorism?



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