Turkey Blames EU and NATO for Giving no Support

 erdogan angry_0

Erdogan felt “abandoned” by the Western allies, the United States and the European Union, which have not shown the proper support and understanding for the political situation in Ankara after the coup attempt.

It should be noticed that the failed coup allowed Erdogan to strengthen his power and justify a number of democratic rights violations.
“The European Union is not behaving in a sincere manner with Turkey,” Erdogan said, emphasizing that the visa waiver for Turkish citizens was supposed to be come into force on June 1.“If our demands are not satisfied then the readmissions will no longer be possible,” he added.
Taking into account that Ankara has never been sincere either with Europe, these statements sound quite odd.  Not so long ago the Turkish leader tried to manipulate and blackmailed its allies while the EU was sending him money to solve the immigration crisis. Though, there is still no limit in number of refugees arriving in Europe.
Now Turkey is considering to exit from NATO, according to the Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu tweet. It is pretty clear that Erdogan is the least reliable  and the most unpredictable member of the Alliance. Thus, the West should be awake and keep abreast of his moves.

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